3 Mobile Features For Hospice Clinicians

With hospice clinicians consistently on the go and the healthcare industry rapidly moving towards mobile care, having patient charts available on any device is more important than ever. When an EMR takes the time to develop a mobile workflow, it can have a substantial impact on operations. Some of the benefits include increased documentation accuracy, higher adoption of EMR, better compliance, easier bedside conversations, and happier clinicians.

Below are three tools that make it easy for clinicians in the field and improve traditional workflows.

DocLink – Physician Certification From Any Device

Hummingbird’s DocLink was released in 2020 and rethinks the workflow for completing physician certifications. With DocLink, certification information is prepopulated, so nurses and medical records do not need to go through multiple charts and physicians have the information they need by simply clicking on the patient.

DocLink goes a step further by incorporating e-signatures into the certification process. With the app, Physicians can e-sign certification from any mobile device that supports the app. There is no manually entering signature dates or printing paper.

iPrescribe – Mobile Medication Management

iPrescribe is a Dr. First certified mobile e-prescribe system. With iPrescribe, clinicians can access and prescribe medications on the go, with just a few taps on their phone or tablet. By putting medication management at the clinician’s fingertips, clinicians can eliminate timely calls to pharmacies, manually entering medications, and digging through charts for medication history.

iPrescribe also lets the clinician view out-of-pocket costs for any drugs based on the patient’s insurance. Easy access to this information saves clinicians time digging through charts and helps with communication at the bedside.

Mobile Talk To Text

Forward-thinking EMRs have incorporated mobile capabilities into their charting workflows. This means designing interfaces that work well on tablets and phones. It also means incorporating features like talk to text to make documentation more efficient.

Typing out detailed notes on a mobile device can be daunting. Allowing clinicians to record their notes and have them available to edit or save in the chart eliminates a step.

Want to Make Your Hospice More Mobile-Friendly?

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