3 Timesavers For Hospice Administrators in 2021

Running a hospice can be complex. Between caring for patients and families, managing staff, and ensuring that the correct paperwork has been filed, it is easy to feel overwhelmed. With everything that administrators must juggle, sometimes the small things make the difference. We’re looking at some hospice-focused EMR features that are helping administrators stay on top of managing a hospice in 2021.

Information Where You Need It

For administrators who want to make every minute count, not having to jump between screens to get crucial information is key. Built-in databases for NPI or Pharmacy codes remove timely steps from the intake or medication process and can save administrators critical time.

When users must jump from system to system, information is prone to get lost. Today’s hospice EMR should be able to integrate with the third-party vendors that are crucial to running the hospice. This includes billing vendors like DDE, PBMs, DME, CRMs, and CAHPS/Multi-View. Eliminating the time and redundancy caused by jumping between systems not only saves time but also frees up administrators to focus on what matters most in their operation.

Intuitive Workflows

Hospice administrators may feel pulled in a million directions as they ensure that their operations are running smoothly. When cumbersome workflows in the EMR end up hurting instead of helping, administrators should look for an alternative.

EMR’s should incorporate tools such as dashboards that put important information front and center and intuitive workflows that allow the administrator to get to the information they need quickly. Interactive dashboards allow administrators to see important information such as ADC and referrals and then drill down to get more information on overall trends. This lets administrators manage the hospice both at a high-level and on the ground.

State of the Art Technology

Almost nothing is more frustrating than getting into a rhythm, only to be disrupted by bug fixes or faulty data backups. Today’s software programs should be cloud-based with fast and reliable updates. No technology platform is perfect, but your EMR should be focused on providing the best information possible.

Additionally, administrators should be able to rely on their EMR when they are on the go and should be able to access the most important information on any secure device. Features such as HIPPA compliant email and Sfax also help reduce time spent switching between multiple systems.

Streamlining Hospice Administration

EMR’s should be a tool to increase productivity, not something that weighs administrators down. Contact mumms to learn more about how Hummingbird is helping hospices increase productivity and focus on what matters most.