What Hospice-Focused Looks Like

See How mumms Software Puts Clients First!

We are dedicated to serving the hospice community and many of our team members even come from hospice backgrounds. This means everyone - from our developers to our customer service representatives – is familiar with hospice workflows, understands hospice teams, and appreciates the important work done by the hospice community. 

See why our clients love working with the mumms team!

We Are Here When
You Need Us!

“Support is amazing, Staff are timely with responses. Support e-mail responses never make us feel small. [The support team] never get frustrated when little issues come up because they are 100% confidant it will be handled quickly.”

- Elizabeth N.

We Listen (and Act)
on Your Suggestions!

“One of the biggest things that we have liked [about working with mumms] is the willingness of everyone in the company to assist in [answering] our questions, editing the program, and listening to our feedback. Listening to the ones who use the program and striving to assist them is a huge plus!”

- Judy P.

We Know
Hospice Workflow

“This software is intuitive, and easy to use / user friendly in layout. I enjoy having an account rep who can advocate for our needs immediately. I like that the software is editable and we can customize as we go if needed.”

- Ella W.

If you think SmartChart is amazing, just wait until you meet the people behind it!

Meet the Team

Easy Implementation

Whether you are opening your doors for the first time or running a multi-site organization, it’s easy to implement SmartChart into your workflows.

“We have been with mumms from the start-up. They have been very supportive. As you can imagine, I had so many questions to ask since I was in charge of setting up the hospice program in our agency. The team members, including the liaison, marketing assistant, and technicians, responded to me promptly and provided resources.”

- Carol C.