Advocates for Improving Hospice Quality Want to Put Hospice Values at the Forefront

The Advocates for Improving Hospice Quality (AIHQ) are making a push to get back to hospice values after several negative articles in 2014. The group will be releasing a series of briefs with its observations and suggestions on improving hospice care.



The group, which includes members of Hospice Analytics, Weatherbee Resources, LMHPCO and Ohio’s Hospices, says that in many aspects, hospice is ahead of it’s time “with its 35-year history of delivering patient-centered care, primarily serving an elderly population with advanced illness, utilizing an inter-disciplinary team in a capitated, mostly government-funded system.” However, they see it lagging behind in some areas such as “data collection and reporting, quality measures, and consistent regulatory scrutiny.” 

To correct this, the group plans to look at the following points, offer some analysis and make suggestions: 

  1. Growth and changes in the hospice industry 
  2. The alignment/misalignment of reimbursement with hospice mission 
  3. The rise of hospice waste, fraud, and abuse 
  4. Industry consolidation and the post-acute care environment (including ACOs) 
  5. The relationship between hospice and palliative medicine 
  6. Reflections on the role of mission-driven hospices

Learn more about AIHQ, keep up to date with their briefs and find out how you can get involved here