Hospice News Round Up April 2021

See the roundup of recent news making waves in the hospice community. 

CMS Proposes 2.3% Pay Raise for Hospice
The U.S. Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has proposed a rule containing a Fiscal Year 2022 hospice payment rate increase of 2.3%. Read the article.
Hospices See Rising Volume with Billing Changes In Medicare Advantage
Thus far in the first quarter of the program, participating hospice providers [in value-based care model] are seeing benefits in terms of the potential to reach more patients. Read the article.

E-Prescribe on Mobile Devices Coming Soon to Hummingbird
mumms is excited to add I-Prescribe, a Dr. First certified mobile e-prescribe system, to ClearScripts, its medication management system in Hummingbird. Read the article.

Pandemic Reshaping Hospice Bereavement Care
The coronavirus pandemic has been reshaping the ways hospices provide bereavement care, pushing many services online. Read the article
Hospices Fighting Increasing Turnover During Pandemic
Staff turnover and burnout have been higher since the coronavirus pandemic first hit the nation. Read the article.

Humana Begins Medicare Advantage Hospice Coverage In Five Markets
mumms has been watching the rapid adoption of Medicare Advantage Hospice Coverage by commercial carriers and has updated Hummingbird to makes sure all claims needs are met. Read the article.
SPACs Build Momentum in Hospice M&A Market
Rising interest from special-purpose acquisition companies (SPACs) could make competition in an already active hospice M&A market more fierce in coming years. Read the articles.