Australia Hosts 3rd Annual Dying to Know Day

The GroundSwell Project’s will host it’s third annual Dying to Know Day in Australia on August 8th. Dying to Know Day started as a grassroots movement in 2013 that aimed at telling people “it won’t kill you to talk about death.” Since 2013, there have been over 80 Dying to Know Day events and installations in Australia including film nights, Q&A sessions, death cafes, exhibitions, talks and public information stalls. 

Started by Kerrie Noonan of The GroundSwell Project, Noonan hopes to encourage everyone talking about death and end of life care.  

Anyone can host an event, be they public or private, big or small – it’s entirely up to the individual, so getting involved can be as simple as taking personal action. If [you love] talking, host a talk, if you love writing, contribute a blog; cooking, prepare a meal for a carer. The great thing about Dying to Know Day is that every action matters. Let your passions and strengths be your guide. 

You can learn more about Dying to Know Day here and browse the events and venues here.