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Lessons From A Hospice Nurse: How to Have a Dignified End

Forbes profiles Jane Tobin, a longtime R.N. who devoted her life to the service of others.

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Hospice Questions Answered, Fall 2014

Palmetto GBA releases their full list of Questions and Answers from the October Hospice Coalition Meeting. The article clarifies requirements for CR 8877, give guidences on the upcoming CR 8802 requirement and addresses several other hospice related issues.


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Still have Questions about HIS Implementation?

Review CMS' list of Frequently Asked Questions from July - September of 2014.

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CMS Issues New Rule for CAHPS Surveys

The Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) will begin requiring Consumer Assessment Health Provider System (CAHPS) surveys in 2015. More about the requirement below.

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Top Denial Reason Codes and How to Prevent Them

Palmetto GBA released the Hospice Medical Review's Top Denial Reason Codes for July-September 2014 and steps to prevent denied claims.

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