Center for Medicare Advocacy to Challenge CMS on Delay in Appeals

The Center for Medicare Advocacy Inc. (CMA) has announced that a nationwide class action lawsuit has been filed on behalf of Medicare beneficiaries who are challenging “Medicare’s program failure to render decisions at the administrative law judge (ALJ) level within the 90 days required by law.”



From RAC Monitor:

According to CMA Executive Director Judith Stein, “even though Medicare has recently been sending beneficiaries to the front of the ALJ line so that they do not have to wait as long as providers – though still well beyond the mandated 90 days – we have to remember that Medicare is all about beneficiaries.  It is especially important to guarantee that this vulnerable population receives speedy ALJ review because the two levels of the administrative process below ALJs invariably rule against beneficiaries.”

This suit has gained some attention as it points to a failure in the CMS appeals process. You can read more about the suit here