CMA Benefits

Promote efficiency, increase reimbursement, lower operational cost, and improve security through Claim Management Automation (CMA) a nationwide partnership. CMA offers the following benefits. 

  • Submit Medicare claims directly from PAS to your Medicare Fiscal Intermediary. When creating the EMC file for Medicare, instead of the claim file being sent to the users PC, the file will go directly to our claims server and then automatically transfer to your intermediary. Additionally, this server will automatically retrieve the 997 claim file acknowledgment reports and the 835 electronic remittance files. Once received by PAS, an email is sent indicating a new 997 or 835 file is available and ready for posting.
  • Request for patient eligibility is sent and the results are reported back automatically when entering a new patient into PAS. This eliminates the need for the user to login to the common working file or HETS and do this manually.
  • Submit Medicaid and Commercial claims directly from PAS to your Medicaid and Commercial payers. Claims will transfer directly to a clearing house and then to your payers. Where applicable, the remittance files will also be retrieved automatically.