Full Reports List

Our Administrative Module can generate:

  • All CMS required reports: Hospice Cost Report, Detailed In-Patient Cap and Hospice Aggregate CAP Report (streamlined or proportional) including year end projections, Credit Balance Report, and Volunteer 5% Report
  • State Reports: A number of state specific reports are available, and new states can be added. Also includes NHPCO data collection.
  • Patients / Patient days: By level of care, location of care, and financial class for any date range
  • Daily Patient Listing and staff assignments
  • Nursing Home and In-Patient specific: Census, revenue earned vs revenue billed, AR accrual and payable reports.
  • Patient Cost Reports: By single patient or patients served in date range, including cost by diagnosis.
  • Census Reports: Daily census, census summary, history per day, Team Meeting Report, ADC High/Low
  • Financial Reports: Revenue, cash receipts, and AR aging reports available by financial class, carrier, type of revenue, and error codes. Also month end journal entries.
  • Staff Visits and productivity: Numerous reports that detail staff and volunteer patient visits and non-patient specific time.
  • Bereavement Tracking: Full suite of bereavement tracking reports based on site specific contact schedules and needs.
  • Referral Source: Numerous reports track referrals by facility, physicians, and other referral sources.
  • Pre-billing reports: A number of reports designed specifically for billing, including exception report used to verify completeness of data and avoid rejected claims, ensure compliance with certifications and timely signatures.
  • Contact Visit Report: Detail of all visit data as well as Direct Care Visits per day
  • Mailing List: Ability to pull a list of volunteers or staff by job description
  • Billings by Residence Report: Accrual report showing all available revenue by patient for a designated period of time
  • Continuous Care Report: Compares visit time charted in EMR w/ billed hours
  • Cap Report: Gives Cap Calculations ytd as well as predicts Cap Calculations at end of Cap Year
  • Cost Report: Statistics needed for year-end Cost Reporting
  • AR Aging: Summary or detail available, as well as several sorting options

In addition, certain reports can be automatically emailed to designated individuals or a group:

  • Late Certs
  • Prior Benefit Patient
  • Requires Manual Bill
  • Signed Cert Recorded
  • Imminent Expire Report
  • Verbal Needs Signed Report

Normal Weekly Reports
(There are actually two emails sent. One is a listing of those patients that have a Certification coming due within a specified time period, and the other list are of those that started a new benefit period within the past week.)

  • Active Referral Report
  • Monthly CAP Report
  • Long Visit Report
  • Patients Discharged Today
  • Unposted Services Report
  • Notification for 835s
  • Notification for 997s