Harbor Hospice Among the First to Deploy mumms Software’s Hummingbird

mumms Software, an innovator in the hospice and palliative care EMR industry, is pleased to announce that Harbor Hospice, part of Harbor Healthcare System headquartered in Beaumont, Texas, will be among the first hospices to deploy the newest mumms product, Hummingbird, throughout all of their locations.

“We are thrilled to begin utilizing Hummingbird soon,” says Chief Data Officer, Brad Thibodaux. “We haven’t seen anything quite like it. In seeking the best EMR for our hospice, we know we have chosen the right partner as we continue growing to 100 locations by 2017. In this ever-changing and heavily scrutinized world of hospice, we needed technology smart enough to provide all of our sites with hospice specific business intelligence, remain compliant with regulatory changes and still deliver ease of use for our clinicians, so their focus can always remain on providing the very best care for our patients.”


Leo Radosta, CEO of mumms, adds, “We are excited to have Harbor Hospice join us as we reinvent hospice software to elevate the quality of care given to patients during their most challenging time. We’ve seen major changes to the Hospice & Palliative Care industry in the 25 years we’ve been in business. Our commitment to hospice has been unwavering. We take our relationships with our clients very seriously – always with the goal of pushing the technology envelope on their behalf. Harbor Hospice is fortunate to have a forward thinking individual like Brad Thibodaux. He was quick to recognize the revolutionary aspects of Hummingbird and ensure that Harbor Hospice came on board.”

“Hummingbird is the result of years of meticulous planning, collaboration and analysis. It utilizes rock solid state-of-the-art technology. Everything about the way Hummingbird is designed has the patient, their family and the hospice staff in mind,” states Steve Turoff, CTO of mumms.

“We’ve seen hospices on their 2nd or 3rd EMR, who are still unhappy with the user experience. That is unacceptable. Hummingbird will be their last EMR, because it is powerful enough to adapt with Hospices through the inevitable changes in both technology and the hospice and healthcare industry,” declares Radosta.

Harbor Hospice is part of the Harbor Healthcare System. Harbor was founded in 2005 with plans to develop and manage healthcare related businesses. Their focus is on developing business models around partnerships with an emphasis on quality care and focused improvement versus the standard approach solely based on profitability. While understanding that the business aspect is a vital part of healthcare, we believe we are called to a higher standard when it comes to the healthcare business. The bottom line will always remain the patient and their family.