How Much Could You Save With E-Prescribe?

Electronic Prescribing of Controlled Substances (EPCS) is quickly becoming mandated throughout the United States. With the technological hurdles and additional cost associated with making these changes can seem intimidating to many hospice. 

With Hummingbird ClearScripts e-prescribing is built-in. Plus, hospices can save by eliminating redundancies and streamlining their prescriptions. 

See How Much You Could Save! 

Clear Scripts Cost Savings Calculator

Enter details about your hospice for an estimate of time and cost saved by ClearScripts

Savings on calls to the Pharmacy

Total nurse FTEs
Hourly rate per nurse $
Avg. length of pharmacy call in hours
$$ SAVINGS PER DAY each nurse 31.00
$$ SAVINGS PER DAY all nurses $1333.00
NO RX CALL PPD savings $9.80

Savings from not doing "shoebox" at admission

ADC Admissions Ratio %
Admissions per month 40.80
Avg. hours spent at admission
Nursing hours saved per month 30.6
Shoebox savings per patient day $0.23
Total PPD Savings $10.03