Hummingbird Helping Hospices Amid Covid-19

As the country adjusts to new changes caused by COVID-19, we’ve seen a tremendous response from the hospice community. We know the virus is hitting every community differently so we thought we’d share some of the ways we’ve seen hospice respond to the unprecedented crisis.

We know information is changing quickly. We’ve compiled all of our COVID-19 resources in one place. 

Here’s how we’ve seen hospices respond amid the outbreak: 

Staying Connected with Caregivers
With new information about COVID-19 coming at a moment’s notice, staying connected with caregivers, patients, and families is more important than ever. With easy access to caregiver email lists, hospices are keeping caregivers informed of news on the virus, their loved ones, and important local updates. Hummingbird makes this communication seamless. 

Diagnosing Patients Accurately
The World Health Organization (WHO) won’t release a diagnosis code for COVID-19 until its next update on 10/1/20. Instead, hospices must quickly and accurately document the symptom diagnosis codes. Hummingbird has these diagnosis codes built-in, so clinicians can include them in their normal visits to a patient. 

Telehealth Fee-For-Service (FFS)
In the midst of the outbreak, hospices are turning to telehealth to treat patients and families. Documenting the Medicare FFS Telemedicine Physician Service Codes is crucial as telehealth becomes more common. Hummingbird includes all of the Medicare FFS Telemedicine service codes. And, Hummingbird makes it easy to update a patient’s plan of care to reflect the need for telehealth visits.