IDG Ultimate: Review IDG Charts In As Little As 2 Minutes Per Patient

Conducting a thorough, efficient IDG meeting may sound easy but coordinating all the members of the IDG team and ensuring their paperwork is in one place is often time-consuming. That is why it’s important that your hospice’s clinical software has IDG functionality built-in.

Check out the following tools incorporated into Hummingbird’s EMR that help cut IDG meeting time down to as little as 2 minutes per patient:

1. All disciplines easily see and complete required information before the meeting.

In Hummingbird, each patient’s chart contains an area for each discipline to fill in their IDG notes. These notes pull to one screen during the IDG meeting so that teams can easily review the patient. Furthermore, in the patient list, the team can see who has and has not completed documentation. This makes it easy to identify when documentation for a patient has been missed.

2. Pre-generated IDG agenda makes it easy to move through patients.

With prepopulated IDG agendas, your team can easily move through patients. Hummingbird takes the guesswork out of compiling a patient list and makes it easy to click through patients.

3. See patient scores, care plan problems, care plan frequency, and more for each patient.

As the team moves through each patient, the most important part of the care plan is front and center. During the IDG meeting, this means reviewing patient scores, care plan problems, care plan frequencies, notes, and more for each patient.

4. Create an LCD Form from required mac documentation.

Hummingbird makes it easy to ensure no box is left unchecked when it comes to the IDG meeting. During the meeting, the team can complete the LCD Form and required mac documentation. If anything gets missed, the team will be notified before moving to the next patient.

5. Easily access and complete certifications.

Certifications no longer take multiple printouts or hard signatures. With HIPPA compliant e-sign capabilities, hospices can cut out on of the biggest time commitments in the IDG meeting.

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