Patient Culture in Hospice Care

The hospice and palliative care community has long been aware of the need to increase diversity in the patients and families it serves. This week, NHPCO released a Moments of Life video that highlighted the importance of including a patients cultural background in their hospice care plan. 



The NHPCO video features Sheung Lung Luk who came to hopsice care after being diagnosed with terminal lung cancer. During her hospice experience, clinicians were able to reduce her pain and increase her mobility so that she could spend time with her granddaughter. 

The clinicians listened to the Sheung Lung Luk and made efforts to incorporate her culture into her care: 

“I think the best part about being culturally diverse is to be a good listener, to be able to listen to what the family, what the patient are saying and to do the best we can to meet their cultural needs in this environment.”  

See the full video below: Th” I htink “I think The THe See