Keeping the Patient Visit Schedule Tied to the Care Plan

Every year hospices across the country are penalized by Medicare because their visit schedule does not match the visit frequency required by the care plan. Below we explore why the visit schedule and visit frequency fall out of synch, and how hospice administrators can fix it.



Why the Visit Frequency and Care Plan Fall Out of Synch

Keeping the visit schedule in sync with the care plan is hard. Between managing multiple patients and scheduling clinicians, and coordinating volunteers, chaplains, aides, and others, it’s easy for visit frequency to fall out of step with the care plan. Even if you have a strict system in place, one canceled visit can cause a mismatch.

During surveys, Medicare looks for inconsistencies between the visit frequency and the plan of care. Hospices can be dinged if there are fewer visits on the schedule than detailed in the care plan. Keeping up with the paperwork becomes a challenge for the clinical management team.

A New Solution

At mumms, we knew that the scheduler needed to do more than schedule, it had to meet all of the demands of hospice. mumms is updating Scheduler with new features that ensure the visit schedule is always tied to the care plan.

Here’s how:

  • Clinicians can set the visit frequency before scheduling visits
  • Hummingbird auto-suggests visit days based on the clinician’s existing schedule.
  • Once the care plan frequency is set, visits are automatically scheduled, and frequency added to the care plan.
  • If a clinician deletes a visit, they will automatically be prompted to change the care plan, so the care plan always ties to the schedule

For clinicians, this means no more manually syncing the scheduler to the care plan.

Want to See More?

We can’t wait to show you Scheduler! Until then, check out the video below highlighting some of its features.

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