Lessons From A Hospice Nurse: How to Have a Dignified End

Forbes profiles Jane Tobin, a longtime R.N. who devoted her life to the service of others.

Jane was an R.N. and a Catholic nun who spent her life making sure others had the care and comfort they deserve in their final stage of life. When her own cancer treatments failed, it was time for her to plan for her last months, and she chose hospice. In the process, she turned all that she had learned throughout her career of caregiving into a hopeful example for her family, friends and many others:

What we can all learn from Jane is that the end of our own lives does not have to be terrifying, nor anguished. It can be filled with love and good care, exactly the kind Jane gave. She received just what she had rendered to so many others.  Medication dulled the worst of any pain and she could have all she needed for relief.   She had oxygen to keep her breathing comfortable. Hospice care is totally focused on pain relief and comfort, not cure. Comfort is what everyone deserves, too.

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