Medical Apps On Tablets Grow in Popularity

Medical apps on tablets are gaining popularity. A recent study shows the medical profession as one of the top 10 commercial business application categories for tablet devices. 

Clinicians, who spend much of their day on the move visiting patients, are using tablets more and more as a part of their daily workflow. InformationWeek explains: 

Because of their size and portability, tablets are ideal for a number of clinical workflow tasks, industry observers say. Those tasks include entering handwritten notes into electronic health records (EHRs), generating accurate prescriptions, and sharing information with patients, such as x-rays.

The InformationWeek article also found that as much as 35% of healthcare providers surveyed planned to or were likely to incorporate tablets into their daily workflow. Tablet apps allow clinicians to perform a variety of tasks, with some medical professionals saying it helps them develop a more personal relationship with patients. 

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