mumms® is always here to help!

Who do you call when you have a question about your hospice EMR? At mumms® software, our customer training and support teams know hospice inside and out. Here’s why hospices across the country love working with our team and our cloud-based software!

We Are Always Available!

“Support is amazing, staff are timely with responses. Support

e-mail responses never make us feel small. [The support team] never gets frustrated when little issues come up because they are 100% confident it will be handled quickly.”

We Respond to Your Suggestions!

“One of the biggest things that we have liked [about partnering with mumms] is the willingness of everyone in the company to assist in [answering] our questions, editing the program, and listening to our feedback. Listening to the ones who use the program and striving to assist them is a huge plus!”


Hospice Workflow is What We Do Best!

“This software is intuitive and easy to use/user friendly in layout. I enjoy having an account rep who can advocate for our needs immediately. I like that the software is editable and we can customize as we go if needed.”

Our Software is Cloud-Based!

“The mumms staff is geographically dispersed throughout the country, and their software is cloud-based, so we never experience any service interruption. They always support our needs no matter what!”