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mumms Silver Conference Guest Speakers Announced

At mumms Silver Conference, attendees will have the opportunity to learn from several industry leaders, many of who are our clients, who are making a difference in the hospice and palliative care industry. Guest speakers will include leaders from Capital Caring, Infinity Hospice Care and Hospice Care Corporation. Sign up to join us June 4th and 5th to learn our guest speakers are driving business decisions, reducing hospital readmissions, developing processes to pass their ADRs efficiently and navigating changes in the hospice cap rules. 


Malene NewPortrait

Malene Davis, MBA, MSN, RN, CHPN is the president and CEO of Capital Caring, one of the largest hospice and palliative care providers in the U.S. She will speak with Dr. Fine on quality as a business strategy. 

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Perry Fine, MD is a Professor of Anesthesiology in th Pain Research Center at the University of Utah School of Medicine and Strategic Advisor to Capital Caring.  He joins Ms. Davis to discuss quality as a business strategy. 

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J. Cameron Muir, MD, FAAHPM is the Executive VP of Quality and Access and Chief Medical Office at capital Caring. His session will focus on using analytics to measure your hospice data and drive decision making. 

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Darren Bertram, JD is the CEO of Infinity Hospice Care, serving patients in Nevada and Arizona. He will present Infinity Hospice Care’s successful process for reducing hospital readmissions. 

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Tomma McDaniel, RN is the Director of Quality and Compliance at Hospice Care Corporation in West Virginia. She will share her organizations best practices for resolving hospice ADRs. 

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Scott C. Jolley, CPA has over 26 years of Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement experience in the healthcare industry. He will present “Aggregate Hospice Cap – A New Twist on an Old Theme.” 

We’re just a few weeks away from our first regional Hummingbird training on June 3 and our biggest user conference to date on June 4 & 5, and we want to see you there. There’s still time to register online and join us to learn all about Hummingbird as well as the valuable strategies our clients are using to improve their organizations’ processes and outcomes. Don’t miss out – sign up today and meet us in New Orleans!