mumms Administrative Features

mumms Software is designed specifically to meet the needs of hospices and palliative care organizations. With mumms, you can see the complete picture of a patient and family’s journey from before admission through the bereavement process our tools and reports make your work easier and more efficient.  The administrative package cotains the the following modules:

Hospice Administration Module

mumms Administration Module enables you to:

  • Track all patient information. Full patient tracking of all referrals, referral rejections, program admissions, discharges and electronic billing.
  • Maintain detailed statistics throughout a patient’s journey. Information is tracked from initial referral through discharge and bereavement follow-up.
  • Be confident you are in compliance. Our software is designed to help you collect the data needed to meet CMS hospice requirements efficiently, without asking for duplicate entries. 
  • Keep a detailed audit trail.  When a hospice worker enters or deletes information, their user name, the date and the time of entry is automatically stamped into the record. 
  • Stay ahead of admissions and readmissions. Complete, automatic certification tracking for new admissions and readmissions. Our system accounts for all prior benefit usage for patients who transfer in from, or have revoked from, another hospice.
  • Submit or Appeal NOEs. Nightly NOE and NOTR reports, alerts to submit NOEs and an NOE screen that allows you to track submission dates or file an appeal for forgiveness allows you to remain compliant with CR 8877.  
  • Track referral rejection and discount codes. Customizable referral rejection and hospice discharge codes provide accurate billing and allow personalized statistics for each hospice.
  • Maintain staff and volunteer records. Track all staff, volunteer, patient, and non-patient time/hours and expenses with user-defined descriptions, billing rates, and cost rates. It also includes detailed daily staff productivity reports.
  • Streamline communication with the patient and their family. Provides automatic patient referral thank you letters, patient/family welcome letters, and patient discharge (by death or live discharge) letters to the physician, each based on hospices’ own customized Word template.
  • Build an electronic filing system. mumms Document Management System (DMS) allows users to file all paper patient documents into their electronic medical record (EMR).

Billing Features

I love this AR posting module…it will save me so much time!

Maurya Bergen, Hospice of the Sacred Heart

mumms Billing Module let’s you:

  • Prepare claims and bill based on up-to-date hospice billing regulations.
  • Prepare and submit claims that follow all CMS certification and recertification requirements regarding face-to-face visits and physician verbal and actual signature dates.
  • Track accounts receivable and generate a biller To-Do List
  • Import electronic remittance (835) files for the posting payments and denials.
  • Track outstanding claims via traditional aging reports or reason for non-payment reports and the steps taken to move the claim through the payment process.
  • Promote efficiency, increase reimbursement, lower operational cost, and improve security through Claim Management Automation (CMA) a nationwide partnership. Read more here.

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Built-In Reports

Our comprehensive reports are easy to work with in Windows programs (.xls, .doc, .txt, etc.), and our extensive built-in reports include everything you need to monitor compliance and manage your finances effectively:

  • All CMS required reports:
    • Hospice Cost Report
    • Detailed In-Patient Cap and Hospice Aggregate Cap Report (streamlined or proportional) including year end projections
    • Credit Balance Report
    • Volunteer 5% Report
  • Patients / Patient days: By level of care, location of care, and financial class for any date range
  • See the complete list of mumms standard reports here.
  • You can also create your own custom reports based on any of your available data.

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Bereavement Management

The new bereavement module is the best thing since the cell phone.

–Tracy Dona, Mountain Valley Hospice

Your bereavement program is easy to manage with mumms Software. You will save time through automation and have the flexibility to customize a bereavement program that fits the unique needs of your hospice. You’ll also be able to:

  • Set up to 9 risk levels for caregivers.
  • Create schedules for letters, visits, phone calls and other activities.
  • Assign these tasks to designated staff members and track when they have been completed.
  • Create custom mailings such as holiday or annual memorial letters.
  • Automatically generate custom letters and matching mailing labels that feature your hospice logo and any information you may want to include.  
  • Create personalized letters using Microsoft Word. Letters can include the caregiver relationship (i.e. mother, father, wife), caregiver’s name, patient’s name, and even staff member names automatically.
  • Create customized bereavement reports with bereaved one’s name, relationship(s), contact info, anniversary dates, patient birth date, risk level, etc

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Human Resources

Our Human Resource Module (HR) is designed to manage all the required documentation for personnel including staff, physicians, volunteers, and vendors or contractors. Reminder letters can be automatically generated, alerting you that an employee has an incomplete or expired item in their file. mumms HR Module maintains critical data for employees and assures compliance with state and federal regulations for employee files, while allowing you to track important information including:

  • Licensure/Certification Renewals
  • Inoculation Reminders
  • Insurance Recertification
  • Performance Reviews
  • Benefit Eligibility
  • Pay Raise Reminders

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