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mumms Team Visit New Orleans World War II Museum

The mumms Team visited the New Orleans World War II Museum for a PT Boat Tour last week. The World War II museum is currently working on reconstructing Patrol Torpedo Boat – 305 (PT-305). The boat is being worked on entirely by volunteers, and when it is complete, it will be the only cruising PT Boat in the states that has seen combat.



PT-305 was originally manufactured by Higgins Industries in New Orleans in 1943 and operated from 1944-45 in the Mediterranean. In 1945, PT-305 sank, but was retrieved and sold in 1948. After being used as an oyster boat in the late 90’s, it was acquired by the World War II Museum in 2006.

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The mumms team especially wants to thank Paul Melandson who was our volunteer tour guide through the PT-305 exhibit. Paul, who served in Korea, did a great job guiding everyone through the complexities associated with the PT-Boat and the efforts to rebuild it.

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