New Enhancements to The Physician Certification App

A Certification App For Physicians, Nurses, and Medical Records

Physician certifications and recertifications are a key component to hospice care. However, many nurses, medical records and physicians are still bogged down in paperwork as they go back through prior charts to collect all the data necessary for physicians to certify a patient. Further, if electronic certifications are not linked to the EMR, certs may have to be printed, signed, scanned, uploaded, and re-entered into each patient chart. And that does not even include ensuring the correct dates get to billing!

The Physician Cert App takes this historically cumbersome process and automates it into a process clinicians can complete in 7 minutes and 6 simple steps!



Steps to Complete A Cert

mumms has automated the certification process by prepopulating certs (eliminating the manual labor of nurses and medical records), and allowing physicians to review and electronically sign. All of this can be done in 6 simple steps. 

  1. Pull Up the Patient
  2. Scroll through pre-populated prior narratives
  3. Access direct link to latest F2F, LCD and ESAS Score
  4. Enter Narrative
  5. Click Cert
  6. Tap to E-Sign and Enter Signature Data

Verbal and Non-Verbal Certs

What if your physician’s do verbal certs? No problem. The Physicians Cert App allows for nurses to take verbal certs and easily record that in the physician certification app.

What’s Next?

We’re not stopping with easy electronic certs! Coming soon, mumms will allow physicians to address upcoming certifications and ALL OTHER ORDERS anytime, anywhere.

That’s not all. The Hummingbird development team is hard at work listening to hospice clinicians and developing several new features that will improve hospice workflow.

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