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What is Hummingbird?


Smarter and Easier Software for End of Life Care

Hummingbird is mumms Sofware's revolutionary program for end-of-life care. Our focus has been solely on hospice and palliative care for over a quarter of a century. The end-of-life industry has changed radically in that time, and we have developed a state-of-the-art platform to grow alongside it, flexible enough to be ready for changing regulations and technologies to come.

Hummingbird was designed to let you focus on what you do best: quality patient care. It empowers you to make faster and better decisions as a coordinated team every day. 


What Sets Hummingbird Apart?

Innovative Tools and Automations
Live status of claims, automatic eligibility checks and more make your job easier.
Built-in Databases and Efficiencies
NPI Database, preloaded CBSA codes and more save you time and ensure accuracy.
Flexible and Configurable
Workflows, forms, LCDs, rules, permissions and more can be customized to fit your agency. The very layout of the program can be easily changed to your liking.
Fast and Easy Updates and Upgrades
Hummingbird uses a multi-tenant, cloud-based, software as a service model.  All updates occur on the server, providing a seamless experience for users.
Every Keystroke is Saved
Zero lost data.
Easy to Use 
Hummingbird is designed so it’s hard to get lost. No more clicking around too many screens.


Hummingbird Components

Hummingbird is a single product split into different components. Click below to learn about each.

Hummingbird PIM (Patient Information Management)

Hummingbird PIM is the business side of the program. It follows the patient starting at initial referral through admission, discharge, and bereavement follow-up. It streamlines your operations - stores, tracks, and reports on all the people, places, and things your hospice or palliative care services require. And, the billing system electronically bills all payer sources.

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Hummingbird Clinical

Hummingbird Clinical has a client version which works online/offline, and a mobile device version.

Hummingbird Clinical can be used by ALL disciplines (nurses, aides, social workers, chaplains, volunteer coordinators, bereavement coordinators, medical directors and nurse practitioners) to allow for true interdisciplinary care planning and coordination for every patient. Charting at the bedside is easy either online or offline when you don’t have an internet connection.

With Hummingbird Mobile you can document and care plan on mobile devices like tablets (Galaxy, iPad, etc.) and smartphones (iOS or Android).

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mumms offers additional modules that enhance the core software with features to meet specialized needs. This includes additional billing programs, third-party interfaces, and other extras like live claims status updates (using ClearPay) and real time GPS tracking.






When you upgrade to Hummingbird, you make a difference in the lives of your hospice and palliative care staff, patients, and families.