A Billing Engine With Over 99% Accuracy

“The fact that you do not have to log into DDE to verify every claim, for both NOEs and billable claims, saves us so much time. With 35 sites, it would take our billers at least 2 days, out of every week, to verify the status of our claims. Now with ClearPay we have all pending claims checked before we show up to work. This allows a more consistent cash flow, and you cannot put a price tag to the value of that.”

ClearPay, cuts claims denial rates to less than 1%. ClearPay integrates with DDE so billers are no longer required to login to multiple programs. The workflow is simple and easy for billers to use. It automatically checks for errors before claims are submitted so hospices can capture more revenue.


ClearPay Cuts Billing Time by 60%:

  • Manage NOEs and NOTRs

    Send NOEs and NOTRs with the click of a button. No more entering of NOEs and NOTRs manually in DDE.

  • See live status of claims

    ClearPay checks claim status every night. DDE is not needed to verify the status of your claims.

  • Correct billing errors

    The Claims Error Drawer finds errors and takes billers directly to them so they can be corrected before submitting the claim.

  • Financial projections up to 8 days in advance

    Claim status updates show when the hospice will receive reimbursement and the reimbursement amount.

Did You Know 35% of Denied Medicare Claims Are Never Reworked?

And the cost to rework a claim is $25 per claim.

ClearPay is the first true integration between a hospice EMR and DDE. ClearPay catches claims errors before the claim is submitted. Hospice billers save time and collect on claims that would have otherwise been too costly to rework!

5% - 10%

Medicare Average Claims Denied


ClearPay Medicare Average Claims Denied

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