IDG Ultimate: Review IDG charts in as little as 2 minutes per patient

  • All disciplines easily see and complete required information before the meeting
  • Pre-generated IDG agenda makes it easy to move through patients
  • See patient scores, care plan problems, care plan frequencies, and more for each patient
  • Create an LCD Form from required mac documentation
  • Easily access and complete certifications  

Patient Scores: Patient Narratives Like Never Before

SmartChart is capturing patient measures to paint to full patient narrative like never before with new tools to track patient decline.

  • Show ESAS, PPS and KPS scores in the patient narrative
  • Auto-fill the LCD Form
  • View tabular and graph widgets to show changes in patient scores over time
  • Easily access patient scores at cert, recert, and IDG meetings
  • See vitals and measurements as you chart or at a high level


With SmartChart’s scheduler the visit schedule is always in sync with the care plan. Here's how:

  • Clinicians can set the visit frequency before scheduling visits.
  • SmartChart auto-suggests visit days based on the clinician's existing schedule.
  • Once the care plan frequency is set, visits are automatically scheduled, and frequency added to the care plan.
  • If a clinician deletes a visit, they will automatically be prompted to change the care plan, so the care plan always ties to the schedule.

ClearScripts - The Only Surescripts and Dr. First Certified E-Prescribe Built Into Hospice EMR

Go from shuffling through a shoe box full of meds to medication automation with SmartChart's medication management portal ClearScripts. ClearScripts lets hospices e-prescribe within SmartChart, auto-resolve orders, and enter medications with one click.


Physicians Certifications As Easy As Open, Review, Sign with DocLink

  • Saves nurse from pre-populating demographic data on certification form
  • Saves medical records from sifting through prior charts
  • Physician has all documentation at fingertips, no digging through stacks of paper
  • No one manually entering signature date
  • Sign anytime, anywhere with the mobile app

The Smartest Medication Verification Tool in the Hospice EMR Industry

Easily compare the medications filled to the medications on your bill. With SmartChart’s Medication Fill Screen, administrators can quickly spot and correct any medications they have been billed for incorrectly.


Have an In-Patient Unit? No Problem

Medications in the IPU no longer require manual labor. SmartChart’s MAR automatically schedules meds and treatments based on the prescription or predefined schedule, and it instantly documents when the medication is administered.

Hospice Workflows That Focus on What Matters Most

SmartChart is built with a hospice-specific, hospice-compliant best practice data set including care plans, assessments, and orders. SmartChart features include:

  • Body mapping
  • Attachments visible in the system
  • Sfax
  • HIPAA-compliant email
  • Orders and authorization management
  • Optional and required questions
  • Colored sorting

Compliant, Compassionate Care Plans

Individualized Care for Patients and Families

Individualized care plans are at the heart of hospice care. SmartChart ensures that every care plan is tailored to the patient and their family. It keeps goals measurable so the hospice stays in compliance.

Measurable and Quantifiable Goals

SmartChart generates ESAS and KPS Scores and LCD Forms so patient decline is shown over time. These scores paint a full picture in the patient narrative.

Self-Audits are Quick and Easy

Self-audits are easy because everything is in one place. Simply select criteria to evaluate, see the audit, and take corrective action.


Truly Interdisciplinary Patient Care

With Workflows for Every Member of Your Teams

Physicians and Nurse Practitioners


Social Services




Clinician Management is Easy

  • Scheduler CPF (Care Plan Frequency)
  • Multiple permission levels
  • Multi-site set up
  • Customize fields and assessments

Software That Works Well With Others


3rd party pharmacy


Additional Modules

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Add-On Modules

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