Better Data for Better Patient Outcomes

“I just ran the new Visit Duration Report – it’s beautiful!  The IDG team listing and minutes calculation will save much time every week when producing our Productivity Reports.  This will be a very useful report for our administrative staff as well.”

Go beyond canned reports and inaccurate data to get the insights and metrics that really matter to your hospice. Hummingbird gives you the data you need to track trends in patient data, identify new business streams, and easily highlight missteps and errors. Hummingbird makes it easy to see information at a birds-eye-view and quickly dive deeper.


Administrative Reports

Track the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that matter most to your hospice operation including:

  • Average Daily Census
  • Unduplicated Census
  • Average Length of Stay
  • Referral Management
  • And more

Clinical Reports

Ensure you are providing excellent patient care with reports such as:

  • Symptom Tracking Over Time
  • Visit Duration
  • Patient Pain Over Time
  • And more

Financial Reports

Get up-to-the-minute cashflow projections and forecast your financials with billing reports such as:

  • Cash Flow Monitoring
  • Rejected and Accepted NOEs
  • Project Monthly Earnings
  • And more

Unlimited Customized Reporting With ClearSights

Hummingbird gives you access to a standardized business intelligence database for easy slicing-and-dicing of data. You can build out customized reports that cut to the core of your operations or use one of our many presets. The system allows you to uncover trends and establish organizational benchmarks that help grow your hospice and improve patient care.

Our Jasper toolkit makes building custom reports easy with a drag-and-drop interface, or you can bring in your own analytics software, such as Tableau and Crystal.

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It
  • “Our staff like the Hummingbird interface. It does not look dated and it's pretty responsive when pulling things up. Half of my staff are not very tech savvy, and some are very old school, but most have been exposed to different EMRs. Once Hummingbird is on their device, everything is automatic for them, so even the not-so-savvy are doing well. The staff love the interface of mumms and all of them have used other software.”

    Henri Nivera
    Owner, San Gabriel Hospice

  • “One of the biggest things that we have liked so far is the responsiveness of the people at mumms to our questions, for edits to the program, and for listening to our feedback. Listening to our hospice’s actual users and then assisting them has been a huge plus! I also like the accessibility of Hummingbird Mobile, it works great for our busy physicians who, with their phones, can sign orders, review a patient's med list, and patient history, etc. Hummingbird is friendly and simple to navigate!”

    Kim Paul
    Administrator, Harbor Hospice

  • “The support technicians are fantastic; they are so helpful and efficient and we really appreciate them here. We love mumms, support is always there for us, very user friendly.”

    Dana Evans
    Office Manager, Thomaston Hospice

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