Reports for Every Hospice Discipline in 2021

Across the healthcare industry, data analytics is becoming more and more important. Hospice is no exception. With vast advances in EMR reporting, hospices can access more information than ever before. As we head into a new year, we are looking at 4 key reports to watch for a new year.

Reports For the Clinicians

In 2020, one of the major compliance challenges hospices faced involved properly showing patient decline. In fact, patients not appropriate for hospice was one of the most common hospice deficiencies in 2020. Because of this, tracking patient decline is front and center on hospice clinicians’ minds in 2021.

Hospice EMRs are adapting new fields and reports that help paint the full patient story. One thing surveyors love to see is patient scores. Not only can patient scores be tracked consistently so that they can be reviewed at every IDG meeting, but also, patient scores can be viewed in a variety of charts and graphs so that clinicians (and surveyors) can easily see trends over time. Patient score reports can become an integral part of compliance and patient care in 2021.

Reports For Billers and Finance

Hospice billing has always been complex and often leaves financial reporting uncertain. However, when hospice EMRs can tie into DDE financial planners can get a more accurate picture of when claims will be reimbursed. In fact, with technology integrations, planners can get financial projections up to 8 days in advance.

Financial advisers and COO’s can look at reports such as Cash Flow Monitoring, Rejected and Accepted NOEs, and Projected Monthly Earnings to get a clear picture of their financial position. This also helps hospices monitor their cash flow and avoid any issues before they arise.

Reports for Administrators

For administrators, a new year often means new KPIs. Having a quick and easy way to track the metrics that are most important to the hospices business is critical for administrators. Administrators should look to reports such as average daily census, unduplicated census, average length of stay, and referral management.

Compiling reports into a daily dashboard that helps administrators see the information that is most important to them all in one place. A dashboard that can be customized to put what matters most front and center for administrators is a secret weapon for meeting goals in 2021.

Custom Reports For Analytics on Any Piece of Data

No one knows your hospice like you do so you should be able to get insights on any data related to operations or patient care. With modern technology and reporting tools, EMRs can slice and dice data better than ever before. Furthermore, hospices can see the data in graphical, tabular, or other formats so that they can truly understand the pieces of their hospice.
How can reports help your hospice reach its 2021 goals?

Go beyond canned reports and inaccurate data to get the insights and metrics that really matter to your hospice. Hummingbird gives you the data you need to track trends in patient data, identify new business streams, and easily highlight missteps and errors. Hummingbird makes it easy to see information at a birds-eye-view and quickly dive deeper.

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