Stay Survey Ready and OIG Compliant with Hummingbird!

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What’s Included



    Medicare Top 10
    Deficiencies Infographic


    Survey-Ready Interdisciplinary Documentation


    Drug Profile Review




Survey Ready Care Planning and Charting

Care planning and charting are core to a hospice’s mission. Stay informed of best practices to make your care plans individualized, measurable, and quantifiable. Plus: learn strategies to self-audit, so your charts are survey ready!



Survey Ready Interdisciplinary Documentation

Teamwork is at the center of hospice, and your team works better when communication is streamlined and strong. See tools to keep your physicians, CNAs, RNs, Aides, Bereavement staff, and volunteers all on the same page with up-to-the-minute information.



Survey Ready Drug Profile Review

New technology helps streamline the drug profile review process. By bringing several databased together, see how clinicians can check new medications entered for interactions, contraindications, and duplications at the time they are prescribed to the patient.


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