See Why Our Clients Love Working With the mumms Team!

“The automatic NOE feature is amazing. I've been doing hospice billing for 9 years and not having to hand-key NOE’s anymore is incredible. Recently, I processed 21 admissions and in the past each would have taken 5-7 minutes. Now I can just point and click and this new feature saved me more than two hours on just this one step. The batch summary tab has also been very useful -- I love that it shows whether and when each NOE was submitted and then accepted.”
Cathy Floyd, Biller, Rockbridge Area Hospice
“I come from a background of using BrightTree. I like Hummingbird a lot better because it's easier to enter information into and it flows better.”
Kelly Flanigan, Admin Assistant, Transitions Hospice Care
“Our staff like the Hummingbird interface. It doesn't look dated and it's pretty responsive when pulling things up. Half of my staff are not very tech savvy and some are very old school, but most have been exposed to different EMRs. Once Hummingbird is on their device, everything is pretty automatic for them, so even the not-so-savvy are doing well. The staff love the interface of mumms and all of them have used other software.”
Henri Nivera, Owner, San Gabriel Hospice
“One of the biggest things that we have liked so far is the responsiveness of the people at mumms to our questions, for edits to the program, and for listening to our feedback. Listening to our hospice’s actual users and then assisting them has been a huge plus! I also like the accessibility of Hummingbird Mobile, it works great for our busy physicians who, with their phones, can sign orders, review a patient's med list, and patient history, etc. Hummingbird is friendly and simple to navigate!”
Kim Paul, Administrator, Harbor Hospice
“There was a transition, of course, going from paper to Hummingbird. However, even the most hardcore nurses who hate change now love Hummingbird. Our nurses have said that their lives are easier with Hummingbird and that they have more time for patient care now. Our older staff and our less tech-savvy staff caught on quickly. Everyone at mumms has been helpful and we always feel supported.”
Anne Barefield, Quality Hospice
“One huge thing I noticed when we came with mumms, was that a nurse who has worked for us for a very long time spent her regular hour at a patient’s home and for the VERY FIRST TIME her charting was completely done before leaving that patient’s home!”
Amy Burr, Director, Meadowlark Hospice in KS
“We got a call from Loren in Washington state, and he asked us about the mumms program so we gave you all a good recommendation. When he asked about tech support, we told him it couldn't be better. We don't tell you that often enough, but we are thankful to have you and for all the tech staff does for us.
Linda Spain, Serenity HospiceCare, Inc.
“The support technicians are fantastic; they are so helpful and efficient and we really appreciate them here. We love mumms, support is always there for us, very user friendly.”
Dana Evans, Office Manager, Thomaston Hospice
“The great and wonderful thing about mumms Technical Support and Secure Computing is no matter what, you always seem to know how to fix “it”!! And for that my dear, I thank you from the bottom of my heart!!! Nothing too small or in this case too big for you.”
Lori McDermott, York County Hospice
“mumms is awesome!  It is easy to use, intuitive, and very user friendly.”
Jodie Stahr, Medical Officer at A+ Hospice Care, Inc.