Want to save your agency time?

Hummingbird Will Save Your Agency Time!

Is your current EMR wasting your clinician’s and biller’s time? Start saving their time today with Hummingbird!

For over 30 years, mumms® Software has looked ahead to provide hospices with solutions to industry shifts. While other EMRs may have merged or shifted focus, mumms has remained dedicated to hospice. This includes innovative features to our hospice-specific EMR, Hummingbird, that will reduce the time you spend on:

  • Admission ~ save 30 minutes with each admission using Surescripts Medication history!
  • Billing process ~ eliminate 5 hours each day! (We’re serious! Billers using Hummingbird report saving 60% of their time by not having to go into DDE to look up information.)
  • Certifications ~ retain up to 30 minutes per certification! (Hummingbird includes automatic tracking of needed certifications, electronic signatures, and includes single-click access to F2F notes or prior certification narratives.)
  •  Medication management ~ save up to 20 minutes per prescription with Dr. First’s iPrescribe!
  • Reviewing patients during IDG ~ designed to review and verify patient appropriateness in under 2 minutes!


What time-saving goals can we help your agency achieve?

Let’s talk about more features in Hummingbird that will help you save time.

Spend a little time today to save a lot of time in the future!